Story of origin of Lake Toba - Urban Legend Indonesia

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In the region of Sumatra live a very diligent farmer working. He lives alone. Every day he worked on field and fishing tirelessly. This is done to meet his daily needs. One day the farmer went to the river near where he lived, he intended to fish for his side of the day. With only a hook, bait and fish, he went straight to the river. After arriving at the river, the farmer immediately threw his hook. While waiting for his hook eaten fish, the farmer prayed, "Ya Allah, may I fish many today". Moments after praying, the hook he was casting seemed to wobble. He immediately pulled his hook. The farmer was very happy because the fish he got was very big and very beautiful.

After a moment of looking at the catch, the farmer was shocked. Apparently the fish he captured it can talk. "Please do not eat me, sir! Let me live ", shouted the fish. Without much of Tanya, her catch fish was immediately returned to the water again. After returning the fish into the water, the farmer grew surprised, because suddenly the fish turned into a very beautiful woman.

"Do not be afraid sir, I will not hurt you", said the fish. "Who are you? Are not you a fish ?, Ask the farmer. "I am a princess who is cursed, for violating the rules of the kingdom", the woman replied. "Thank you for freeing me from the curse, and in return, I'm willing to make your wife", she said. The farmer agreed. So they became husband and wife. However, there is one promise that has been agreed upon, ie they can not tell that the origin of a Princess of a fish. If the promise is violated there will be a catastrophe.

After some time they married, the happiness of the Farmer and his wife increased, because the wife of the Farmer gave birth to a baby boy. Their child grows into a very handsome and strong child, but there is a habit that amazes everyone. The child always feels hungry, and never feels full. All the food rations devoured without the rest.

Until one day the farmer's son got a job from his mother to deliver food and drink to the rice fields where his father was working. But his duties did not fulfill. All the food that was supposed to be for his father was devoured, and after that, he fell asleep in a hut. The farmer waits for his son, holding back his thirst and hunger. Unable to bear the hunger, he immediately went home. On the way home, Mr. Farmer saw his son sleeping in the hut. The farmer immediately woke him up. "Hey, wake up ! shouted the farmer.

After his son woke up, the farmer immediately asked for his food. "Where's the food for daddy?", Asked the farmer. "I've eaten," the boy replied. In a high tone, the farmer immediately scolded his son. "The child does not know to be lucky! Do not know! You son of a fish ! "the farmer snorted unaware that he had said the abstinence from his wife.

After the farmer uttered the words, immediately the child and his wife disappeared without traces and traces. From the traces of his legs, suddenly sprayed a very strong water. The water overflowed so high and wide that it formed a lake. And finally, form a lake. The lake was finally known as Lake Toba.

Tambi Traditional House in Central Sulawesi

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This traditional house of Central Sulawesi has a rectangular shape measuring 7 meters x 5 meters. Typical stage with wooden beams arranged on the natural stone is still present in the architecture of this house. What is unique, this house is not known the division of space. Kitchen, room, living room, all together into one, and in this case the kitchen is usually placed in the middle as a warmer of the room at night greet.

Based on ancestral belief, Tambi traditional house should only be built facing north or south direction. It is forbidden for local residents to build houses facing or turning their backs on the way to the sun. Another uniqueness of this Tambi house is the difference in the number of stairs. Tambi house occupied by village elders or customary heads must have an even number of stairs, whereas the Tambi house left by ordinary people must have an odd number of rungs.

Mentawai, One of the World's Oldest Tribes

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There are so many tribes and cultures that exist in Indonesia. One of my dreams is to document the tribes that are still not much explored in Indonesia.One of them is the Mentawai tribe. This tribe has long since I want to capture. The difficult infrastructure and terrain make many people difficult to reach this Mentawai tribe.

Because it is an inland tribe, Mentawai tribe is widely used as research material by many parties, especially to understand how the pattern of life and interaction patterns of tribes in the western part of Indonesia.Mentawai tribe is a tribe that is a native of the Mentawai Islands in the western part of the island of Sumatra.

Mentawai Islands are composed of many islands but have 3 main islands are mostly inhabited, namely North Island, South Pagai Island, Siberut Island. The total area of the archipelago is 4,000 square kilometers, with a population of 29 to 30 thousand inhabitants.What makes the Mentawai Tribe interesting because it is one of the oldest tribe in Indonesia. The ancestors of the Mentawai tribe is known and believed by researchers have inhabited the location of the Mentawai islands in western Sumatra since the year 500 BC.

This is what makes the culture of the Mentawai tribe and customs owned by the Mentawai tribe is very strong.Just imagine, this tribe has lasted long and still maintained until today in the midst of the current modernization and also a very intense globalization occurred, especially in Indonesia.

The Mentawai tribe has its own religion and belief. The belief embraced by the original tribe and the Mentawai people is called Sabulungan.They believe that all things have spirit and soul. When the spirit can not be properly cared for, then this spirit will haunt and cause misfortune and also cause the appearance of the disease.

Therefore, the Mentawai tribe has a strong belief in objects that they consider sacred.Mentawai tribe has a custom house with a shape similar to a traditional house of West Sumatra, with the design of wooden or bamboo stage house.

Mentawai tribe has 3 types of custom house commonly used. When the type of house is Uma, which is a large house, usually occupied by 3 to 4 families in one house.The second type of house is Lalep, which is the smaller type of house, and usually occupied by 1 family only in the house. Then the third type of house is a type of house called Rusk.

For those of you who often travel to eastern Indonesia, especially Papua, certainly no stranger to sago which is the staple food of most tribes inland Papua.Mentawai tribe was also consuming sago as a staple food. They use sago as their main foodstuff. Sago is processed by the Mentawai tribe by burning and becoming a daily food ingredient.

In addition to sago, eating animal flesh is also a habit of the Mentawai tribe. Wild pigs, chickens, and also deer are the kinds of meat consumed by the Mentawai tribe community. They get it by hunting around their home location.

Mentawai tribe is known to the world because the tattoo is considered the oldest tattoo in the world. For Sikerei or Mentawai Tribe shaman it is mandatory. Indeed tattoos for the Mentawai community is not mandatory, but obligatory for Sikerei. But tribes who still live in the interior and have not been touched by modernization still rely on tattoos as a form of art and also as a form of their clothing. For the tribe Mentawai, tattoos are an identity, not just as accessories or decoration in the body only. Tattoos on the Mentawai tribe describes the balance between the inhabitants of the forest with nature.

What is unique from this Mentawai tattoo if we are currently tattooing our bodies using a tool in the form of needles and special ink, then not in the Mentawai. The material used to provide tattoos on the body of the Mentawai Tribe is a natural material ingredient. Charcoal is one of the natural ingredients used for tattoos.At the time will be tattooed, first the shaman alias tribal elders will pray for the charcoal and then given to those who will be given a tattoo. So tattoo Mentawai tribe which is one of the oldest types of tattoo is one of the customary rituals are very sacred, and become a thing that is upheld in the environment Mentawai tribe.

Indonesia is very rich in culture is not, Mentawai tribe life is only a little of so many Indonesian cultures that you may not know. By knowing and learning more closely, this culture will continue to be maintained. To go to Mentawai from Jakarta, tourists can book a plane ticket to Padang, West Sumatra. From Padang take a fast boat to Siberut Island. The Mentawai Islands are arguably very difficult infrastructure. If we are alone there is a huge expense incurred for logistics and boat rental. I came here with a group of 5 people. I intentionally took the trip together to save costs and cheaper expenses incurred for accommodation. Because if we walk alone must be ready with a very much cost.

Some foods are familiar in Indonesia

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Some people say good food in Indonesia is rendang, it's time you know so much food that is from Indonesia


While technically more of a condiment, the chili-based sauce known as sambal is a staple at all Indonesian tables.Dishes aren't complete unless they have a hearty dollop of the stuff, a combination of chilies, sharp fermented shrimp paste, tangy lime juice, sugar, and salt all pounded up with mortar and pestle. So beloved is sambal, some restaurants have made it their main attraction, with options that include young mango, mushroom, and durian.


These tasty meat skewers cook up over coals so hot they need fans to waft the smoke away. Whether it's chicken, goat, mutton or rabbit, the scrappy morsels get marinated in turmeric, barbecued and then bathed in a hearty dose of peanut sauce.
Other nations now lay claim to sate, but Indonesians consider it a national dish conceived by street vendors and popularized by Arab traders. Each vendor seeks distinction, but "sate Madura" -- served with rice cakes (ketupat) and diced cucumber and onion -- is distinguished by its boat-shaped street carts.
Sate Ragusa serves legendary satay that dates to the 1950s. Its signature spaghetti ice cream is a perfect dish to cleanse the palate after a meal.


A favorite among students, this savory meatball noodle soup gained international fame when U.S. President Barack Obama remembered it as one of his favorites during a visit to Jakarta.
The meatballs -- springy or rubbery, the size of golf balls or bigger -- are made from chicken, beef, pork or some amorphous combination of them all. Sold mostly from pushcarts called kaki lima, bakso comes garnished with fried shallots, boiled egg, and wontons.


This traditional meat soup comprises a broth and ingredients that vary across the archipelago.
Common street versions are made of a simple, clear soup flavored with chicken, goat or beef. In Jakarta, home of the indigenous Betawi, Soto Betawi garners fame with its sweet, creamy, coconut-milk base. It's usually topped with crispy shallots and fried garlic, and as much or little sambal as taste buds can take.

Nasi goreng

Considered Indonesia's national dish, this take on Asian fried rice is often made with sweet, thick soy sauce called kecap (pronounced ketchup) and garnished with a car, pickled cucumber, and carrots. To add an element of fun to the experience, diners can try nasi gila (or "crazy rice") and see how many different kinds of meat they can find buried among the grains -- yes, those are hot dog slices.


Literally "mix-mix," the term Gado-Gado is often used to describe situations that are all mixed up -- Jakarta, for instance, is a Gado-Gado city.
As a food, however, it's one of Indonesia's best-known dishes, essentially a vegetable salad bathed in the country's classic peanut sauce. At its base are boiled long beans, spinach, potato, corn, egg and bean sprouts coupled with cucumber, tofu, and Tempe.
Gado-Gado gets sweeter as you travel eastward through Indonesia -- but Jakartans swear by the cashew sauce at Gado-Gado Boplo.

Nasi Uduk

A perennial favorite among native Betawi, nasi uduk is rice cooked in coconut milk and includes a pinwheel of various meat and vegetable accouterments. It almost always includes fried chicken, boiled eggs and tempe (soybean cake) with anchovies and is topped with emping (melinjo nut crackers). It's cheap, fast and popular among lunchtime crowds.
Nearly four decades old and still going strong, Nasi Uduk Babe Saman packs in everyone from students to celebrities morning, noon and night.

Nasi Padang

Singaporeans may say they can't live without it, but nasi Padang, named after its birth city in Sumatra, is 100% Indonesian.
Nasi Padang is a meal with steamed rice accompanied by more than a dozen dishes -- goopy curries with floating fish heads or rubbery cow's feet -- stacked up on the table. The best way is to chuck away the cutlery and dig in with hands then wash the spice away with a sweet iced tea.

Ayam Goreng

The key to Indonesian fried chicken is the use of small village birds, whose freedom to run around the yard makes them tastier than the big chunks of meat at KFC. Variations on that chain have cropped up across the country -- rumor has it that one of these was founded by a polygamist, so franchisees must have multiple wives.

Bakmi Goreng

Noodles compete with rice for carbohydrate of choice in Indonesia, ranging from broad and flat (kwetiau) to scrawny vermicelli (bihun).
The best are bakmi -- pencil-thin and, in this case, fried with egg, meat, and vegetables. Vendors add their own special spices for distinction, but the iconic Bakmi Gajah Mada garners a cult following. More modern outlets now make noodles from spinach and beets.


Fit for a sultan it may not be, but gudeg is certainly the signature of the royal city of Yogyakarta.
The sweet jackfruit stew is boiled for hours in coconut milk and palm sugar, making the fruit so soft and tender it falls apart with little chewing. Other spices are thrown into the mix but teak leaves give it a brown coloring. Like nasi uduk, it's served with rice, boiled egg, chicken and crispy, fried beef skin.

Pecel Lele

The sight of fried catfish may surprise first-time diners since it looks almost the same as it does living. Served with rice and red and green sambal, this is simple street fare that fills the belly, which may be why it's a standout across Jakarta.

Mie Ayam

For this dish, bakmie is boiled in stock and topped with succulent slices of gravy-braised chicken. Chives and sambal add extra flavor -- but if it's done right little else is needed. Unlike most Indonesian cuisine, where the secret is in the sauce, the clue to a good mie ayam is the perfect al dente noodle.

Pepes Ikan

Pepes signifies the steaming of food in banana leaves, which gives it an earthy flavor that works well with the rich Manadonese spices (woku) it's coupled with. When matched with tuna the result is a dense, fiery dish that holds its distinct flavors, but should be eaten gingerly.

Lontong Sayur

Boiled for hours in coconut leaf casings, the glutinous packed rice cake is known as lontong is one of the best vehicles for pairing with thick peanut sauces and curries.
It serves as the base for this savory morning favorite, a coconut-milk curry made with young papaya, soy-braised tofu, and hard-boiled eggs. Crushed up krupuk add a little crunch to get you going.

The location of Wisata Lombok is interesting to visit

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Lombok is an island located east of Bali Island. The tourism sector is the most important source of income for Lombok which is visited by tourists every day. And being an alternative tourist destination from Bali, Lombok also has natural beauty and beaches like Bali. If you want to visit the island of Lombok, must know some of the most important and visited locations such as:

Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is a tourist icon as well as the most famous tourist attractions in Lombok. With a height of more than 3,700 meters, Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. For Hindus, Mount Rinjani has its own spiritual value because it is considered a dwelling place of the gods.
Favorite tour on Mount Rinjani is climbing. Mount Rinjani is considered a mountain with the most beautiful scenery in Asia, so many people who climb this mountain to be able to enjoy the scenery that is second to none. To reach the summit of Mount Rinjani, you will need a few days, therefore prepare your mature needs.

Pura Batu Bolong

Pura Batu Bolong is located in Senggigi, Lombok. Pura Batu Bolong is a black rock that juts out into the sea. In the center of this rock there is a hole, so the temple is called Pura Batu Bolong. Like pretending in general in Bali, to be able to enter Pura Batu Bolong, you must use a yellow cloth at the waist. Pura Batu Bolong has a background of the scenery of Gunung Agung and Lombok Strait, so it is very beautiful to take pictures, especially at sunset.

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach is one of the most crowded tourist attractions in Lombok visited by tourists. Located in the western part of Lombok Island, Senggigi Beach has an atmosphere similar to Kuta Beach in Bali but has calm waves so it is suitable for swimming and snorkeling activities. Having a long coastline, this beach will spoil you with the beauty of beach sand and crystal clear water. Because it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Lombok, Senggigi Beach has tourist support facilities such as restaurants, hotels, bars, transportation facilities, sellers, and others are very complete.

Narmada Park

Narmada Park is located in the village of Lembuak, about 10 KM east of the city of Mataram. Park area of approximately 2 hectares was built by the King of Lombok Mataram in 1727. Formerly, this park is used as a resting place and ceremonial place, now this park has switched function to become a tourist attraction. The unique thing about the Narmada Park is, the design of this park is a mini replica of Mount Rinjani, in addition, there are also springs from Mount Rinjani which is believed to make you stay young when you wash face and drink the water.

Gile Waterfall

Located in North Lombok, Sendang Gile Waterfall is about 60 KM or 3 hours drive from the city of Mataram. Located in the village of Senaru, Sendang Gile Waterfall is the initial entrance to climb Mount Rinjani. Because it has the same water source as the water in Narmada Park, the water in Sendang Gile Waterfall is also believed to keep you young when you use to bathe or wash your face. To be able to enjoy the youthful water at Sendang Gile Waterfall, you have to climb about 200 steps first.

Segara Anak Lake

Segara Anak Lake is one of the attractions in Lombok that must be visited, especially for lovers of nature tourism. Located in the crater of Mount Rinjani, Lake Segara Anak is still believed to be part of the sea that is split onto an island. This is because the water color of this lake is blue, exactly the same as the color of sea water.
Usually, if you take a package to climb Mount Rinjani along with the travel agency, you will also be taken to Lake Segara Anak and overnight on the edge of the lake. The main activity in this lake is fishing, therefore do not forget to bring your fishing rod. To reach the Segara Anak Lake location, you have to walk for approximately 9 hours from the end point of the motorized passage, tiring but will not disappoint.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the largest island of the island group of three dikes. Gili Trawangan is also the most visited island among the 3 islands of Gili. The islsand became famous since 1980 when a group of backpackers found this beautiful island. On this island there are no motor vehicles, so to be able to explore this island, you can use the bikes that much rented on the island. The most favorite tourist activities in Gili Trawangan are diving, snorkeling, surfing and yoga.

Kuta Beach Lombok

Kuta Beach is not only in Bali but also in Lombok. Located in the village of Kuta, about 56 KM from the city of Mataram, Lombok, Kuta Beach Lombok has sand as smooth as pepper, therefore many locals who call this beach as pepper beach. Kuta Beach Lombok is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Lombok, even one of the most beautiful in Indonesia because it is still rarely touchable by human interference. The main tour on this beach is surfing because of its waves which is one of the best in the world. Other tours that can be done at Kuta Beach Lombok include fishing, diving, snorkeling, horse riding, and others.

Sire Beach

Sire Beach in North Lombok has located approximately 35 KM from the city of Mataram. Sire Beach is a tourist attraction in Lombok that is worth a visit for the beauty it offers. When the weather is sunny, you can see Mount Rinjani from this beach. With a coastline of nearly 4 KM, Sire Beach offers a variety of tourist activities such as swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, fishing. If you do not bring tourist equipment for these activities, no need to worry because on the edge of Sire Beach there are many rentals of tourism support tools.